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Get through the wall by being ridiculous

Have you hit a wall, yet? Ha! Have you hit like 3 or 4 or 15? For me, this year has felt like it is ten years long. I’ve got a really simple message. I hear you, I feel you, and I hope you can tell someone about your wall today (or whenever it is) and that the person you choose to tell will listen and give you some love.

I’ve spent nearly all my life wanting to (and pretty badly pretending) that I don’t hit walls, or that they don’t impact me. And, I am so so damn grateful for the gorgeous, life-affirming message that hitting walls and having emotions are what being a human really is, and that this is what I am: a human. So, if you didn’t find that human (or dog) ear or shoulder or gaze today - and you have a little, medium, or big wall that you have run up against - please know this message is for you, you wonderful, perfectly human you. 

You are doing great. You really are. You are coming up against some big obstacles, and this is how it feels when that happens.   

And this next part of the message is for you too. Please, take care of yourself, everyday, even when you don’t feel like it - and especially then. I don’t mean you need to do that big run everyday, or that strict yoga practice, or eat perfectly. I mean do something that is good for your deep-down-genuine-self everyday. Not the masked self that says ‘I’m this kinda person or that kinda person, I believe in this or that, I have this lifestyle or that lifestyle.” That is not going to cut it here; it will just help the wall-building. You want to get to the part of you that is kind of ridiculous. Do something that feeds that part of you, that gives it a place to shine. Sometimes I like to sing very loudly while walking down the street, or while going for a jog. Or, to dance in the middle of the street. Or, while planning a tea party with my daughter, to get as seriously into this as she is. Sometimes it is playing a (kind-hearted) joke on someone. Sometimes it is genuinely telling someone how much they mean to me, how they have made such a huge impact on my life. Sometimes it is creating art. Sometimes it is singing spiritual music and adding in lots of curse words. 

Go, and do something ridiculous today and tomorrow and the day after that. And then you can remember that yep, you are a gorgeous human, that is impacted by life, with a body and thoughts and emotions. And, yep, you are something else, too!

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