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About Me

Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to get to know my background a bit more. I currently live in Paris, France with my family. I am a licensed mental health provider (LMSW), a yoga teacher and trainer, and mindful communication educator and trainer. For about 20 years, I have been focusing on ways to help myself and others heal, learn, grow, and live their best life. I have found that implementing practices founded on love, curiosity and empathy provide a strong foundation. I have studied wellness from many perspectives and tend to draw on all of these in my own life and when supporting others. Please reach out to learn more. 

Education & Work Experiences

  • Therapist, The Personal Wellness Center

  • LMSW, Fordham University

  • Ph.D, Political Science, Syracuse University concentrations on comparative social policy, refugees and conflict resolution

  • 200, 500, 700, 1000-hour yoga teacher trainings with Sri Dharma Mittra

  • Co-Founder, Dharma Yoga DC

  • Vortex Energy Healing Training

  • Mindful, Nonviolent Communication Trainings with Oren Jay Sofer and Roxy Manning

  • Meditation and Self Love Trainings with Sharon Salzberg, Kristin Neff

  • Director, Lead Trainer, Conflict Management Center, PARCC, Syracuse University

  • Faculty, Mentor and Teacher Trainer for Sri Dharma Mittra's Life of a Yogi teacher training programs and other yoga teacher trainings.

  • Professor of Stress Management and Relationships & Wellbeing, George Washington University

  • Trainings in Alternatives to Violence Project & Help Increase the Peace Project

  • Restorative Justice Coaching Program

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France: 07 84 80 25 01

US: 678.770.1432

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