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Hannah Allerdice Bricker 

Dharma Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer & Coach, Kirtan-leader, Trainer in Compassionate Communication. For about 20 years, I have been focusing on ways to help myself and others heal, learn, grow, and live their best life. I was born into a deeply spiritual family, and lived in a spiritual community for the first years of my life that left deep learnings and wounds. Dedicated to serving others, I pursed multiple degrees to help bring positive change to our world. Although I never quite found a sense of home in the world of academia, I did find deep satisfaction in learning and teaching conflict resolution. During this time, I began studying deeply with Sri Dharma Mittra and then teaching classical, Hatha-Raja yoga that leads to understanding the true nature of reality, and of ourselves. I discovered the true joy and healing of chanting and began leading Kirtans. After working closely with Saraswati Om, I began my studies and service in providing energy healing work. My one-on-one and couples coaching combines all of these healing modalities. In 2011, I married my beautiful partner, Jesse Bricker, who brings solidity, irreverent humor and deep love into my life. We were blessed infinitely to create our truly amazing family, doggie Franklin, son Louie and daughter Jane.  

With love and humility, I see my life's work as to support others as they heal themselves - as they bring more joy, ease and harmony into their lives - and as they realize how their own personal work provides the bedrock for the positive change their families, their neighborhoods, their workplaces and society at large.


  • Ph.D, concentrations on comparative social policy, refugees and conflict resolution

  • 200, 500, 700, 1000-hour yoga teacher trainings with Sri Dharma Mittra

  • Co-Founder, Dharma Yoga DC

  • Vortex Energy Healing Training

  • Real Love training with Sharon Salzberg

  • Director, Lead Trainer, Conflict Management Center, PARCC, Syracuse University

  • Faculty, Mentor and Teacher Trainer for Sri Dharma Mittra's Life of a Yogi teacher training programs and other yoga teacher trainings.

  • Professor of Stress Management and Relationships & Wellbeing, George Washington University

  • Trainings in Alternatives to Violence Project & Help Increase the Peace Project

  • Restorative Justice Coaching Program

  • Coaching services for 4 years in Washington DC

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